Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my ad play?

Each ad can play for 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds. If your video is more than 15 seconds you will need to purchase an additional ad slot.

Where are your screens located?

Click here to take you a demo of our self-service portal which will show our locations.

What happens if one of the screens my ads is playing on stops working?

We will provide you the value of the ads on another location of your choosing, or we will refund you the value of your lost time.

Do I get to choose the locations of my ads?

Yes. Each ad location is always the customers choice, and we ensure that each customer has ample information about each location that fits their marketing needs.

Do you have information on where my ads should be placed for my specific business?

Yes. We have statistical, geographic, and demographic information to share with our customers on each ad location.

Do you help me with my creative campaigns?

We give suggestive input to each customer about their creative, but the end product is always the customer’s choice.

Can you help me shoot a video if I wanted to run a full-motion picture ad?

We do not shoot videos or create ads for campaigns; however, we do give referrals to customers that need them.

Can I run multiple ad campaigns at once?

Absolutely. There is no limit to the number of creatives one company can run.

How successful can I expect my ad campaign to be?

Each one of our locations gives our customers access to hundreds of people a day; however, the success of any ad campaign is always based on whether or not the right creative reaches the right customers.

How many people can I expect to see my ad on a daily basis?

At least 700 people.

Can I change my ad in the middle of my campaign?

Yes. You can always pause your campaign in order to make changes to it, and this does not affect the price.

Do I have access to my ad campaigns daily results and metrics?

Yes. Every customer is given access to a portal that includes real-time ad campaign results and metrics that include:

Number of impressions a day
How many different views your ad campaign received.
Number of unique faces a day.
How many different people viewed your ad campaign.
Gender statistics
The percentage of male to female viewership for your ad campaign.
Age groups statistics
The percentage of people in different age categories that viewed your ad campaign.
Household income percentages
Information on household income on average.
Is there a limit to the amount of screens I can run campaigns on for my business?

Absolutely not.