How to market successfully
in out-of-home

An effective advertising campaign begins with getting to know your ideal customer. Consumers spend 73% of their time outside of the home which allows Itellio’s proprietary targeting algorithms to classify them based on where they are and where they have been in the past. No matter who you are trying to reach, Itellio helps you reach the right consumer and tailor your message for optimal results.

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1. Create Your Ad

Whether it’s an image or a full motion video. You decide what goes on the screen. A single ad will be on display for 15 seconds in a 2 minute loop.

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2. Target Your Ad

We place your ads in high traffic retail spaces. When consumers enter a retailer and glance at our screens, within milliseconds our algorithm anonymously detect’s each person’s age and gender, demographic and reaction.

Multiple consumers can be traced at once allowing for the engagement of all foot traffic in-store and not just the individuals near the ATM.

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3. Drive Engagement & Actions

Place a call to action in your ideal consumers hand on their mobile device so they can act on your offer seamlessly.

4. Measure Your Performance

Our platforms aggregates all of this information in and easy to understand dashboard, giving you unparalleled insight into your campaign performance where you can make changes to your campaign in real time:

  • Age & Gender

    The percentage of male to female in different age groups who viewed your ad.

  • Unique Faces

    How many different people viewed your ad campaign.

  • Demographic

    The percentage of male to female viewership for your ad.

  • Impressions

    How many people have reacted to your campaign.

  • Delivery & Reach

    Total amount of people who have seen your ad.

  • Click Through Rate

    Number of people who have shown interest based on clicking on your mobile ad.

  • Secondary Actions

    Number of people who have visited other pages your website.

  • Conversions

    Number of potential customers who have turned into actual customers.

Did we mention it’s anonymous?

Our technology is completely PCI compliant and you never have to worry about your privacy. We never store or transmit images and we can only tell that a face is watching as opposed to whose face is watching.

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